The Scandalous Grace of Jesus (Caught in Sin and Can We Trust Our Bibles?)
Chris Gensheer   -  

What happens when we get caught in the act? Better yet, what does Jesus do when He catches someone in sin?

This past Sunday we explored one of the most well known and somewhat controversial episodes in the life and ministry of Jesus. When a woman is caught in the sin of adultery by the religious leaders, Jesus responds only One who is God would. By applying with authority the law of God and the grace of God in forgiving sinners, Jesus frees her up to be a real sinner and really changed by grace. With Jesus, real sinners get not only God’s heart but a new heart.

And through the sermon, we discovered more and more why we can actually trust the Bibles we have to be the very Word of God for our faith and life.

Sermon: The Scandalous Grace of Jesus (Caught in Sin and Can We Trust Our Bibles?)
Series: Part 20 of the series Walking with God: A Journey Through the Gospel of John
Passage: John 7:53-8:11
Preacher: Chris Gensheer, Lead Pastor of Christ Church Mansfield

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