The Compassionate One Bringing Life out of Death (John 11:1-44)
Chris Gensheer   -  

In this sermon, Pastor Chris Gensheer shows us the purpose behind our suffering, the slowness of God’s intervention, and the greater glory and grace of God in bringing us through it all to renewed and resurrected life with Him.

The raising of Lazarus is the final and climactic sign of the Gospel of John and his “Book of Signs”; but it is not the final and climactic sign of all God’s promises and working to overcome sin, death, destruction, and dysfunction. No, that will come about with the resurrection of the One who is the “God of life who suffered death” in order to put death to death; The One who lets His grace rather than the grave have the last, final, and ultimate word over our lives; The One who is now leading and guiding by His Spirit all things in all Creation to be redeemed, restored, and renewed in Him – for His glory and our ultimate joy.

Sermon: The Compassionate One Bringing Life out of Death

Series: Part 25 of the series Walking with God: A Journey Through the Gospel of John

Passage: John 11:1-44

Preacher: Chris Gensheer, Lead Pastor of Christ Church Mansfield

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What’s more comforting and glorious: one who can prevent death, or one who can prevent death from having the last and final word? @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod – Click to Tweet:

God is not glorified because He allows death to happen. He’s glorified because He plans to put death to death once and for all in the death of His Son. @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod Click to Tweet:

We can let our current grief and trouble overwhelm and override the simple and basic reality of life with God: resurrection only comes after a death. This is true for the Lord of Life Himself; it will be no less true for those who follow Him. @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod

Where does Jesus need to go before you and do battle with the things that rob you of joy, hope, and trust in Him? @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod Click to Tweet:

What aspects of your life feel so cold, lifeless and dead, that you need Jesus to show up and speak into them in order to heal your hurts, redeem your suffering, and renew your spirit? @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod Click to Tweet:

What worries and anxieties keep you from walking with confidence through the pains, trials, and hardships that make up this life that we now know? @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod

Friends, Jesus is ready to save you. To redeem what’s been lost, restore what’s been broken, and renew what’s been dead.  @gensheer @ccmansfieldtx #John11 #WalkingWithGod Click to Tweet:



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