Responding to Jesus’ Death Defying Life (John 11:45-12:8)
Chris Gensheer   -  



As Jesus draws closer to the cross, the reactions to Him grow increasingly volatile and polarizing. In these times, the things that trigger us reveal what our true motivations are. When things get turned up, we see what actually moves us in our life. We see in this week’s passage that our lives and reactions to Jesus reveal the truth – we either hate Jesus, love Jesus, or use Jesus. Having the right words, or better ideas, or close proximity to Jesus, does not mean that you love Jesus. And it’s only those who know they are loved by Jesus that respond truly in love to Jesus.

Sermon: Responding to Jesus’ Death Defying Life

Series: Part 26 of the series Walking with God: A Journey Through the Gospel of John

Passage: John 11:45-12:8

Preacher: Chris Gensheer, Lead Pastor of Christ Church Mansfield


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