Lesson on Faith from a Not-Yet Believer (Jesus Healing an Officials’ Son)
Chris Gensheer   -  

Are miracles real? And what does it mean to have faith?

In John 4:43-52, we encounter Jesus, miracles, and the essence of growing faith as we wrestle with the reality of Jesus and the true desires or motivations of our own hearts.

In this sermon by Lead Pastor Chris Gensheer, we see Jesus with a public official, and we are confronted by the author of life to consider that perhaps our frustration with feeling like God is real, but not involved or cares about our life and circumstances is because, maybe, He is more concerned about the work He wants to do in us rather than the work we want Him to do for us.

Part 11 of the series Walking with God: A Journey Through the Gospel of John.

Sermon Text: John 4:43-54

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